Gordon Ramsay goes viral roasting TommyInnit as he ruins egg on toast

Gordon Ramsay next to TommyInnit with TikTok logoTikTok: Gordon Ramsay

A Gordon Ramsay TikTok has gone viral after the foul-mouthed chef roasted Minecraft star TommyInnit for his terrible attempt at making egg on toast. 

One of the biggest appeals of TikTok is the incredible variety of content on the video-sharing platform. 

From a ‘fake Neymar’ fooling fans at the Qatar World Cup to a lady tricking her husband into thinking nuclear annihilation was forthcoming, anything and everything can go viral on TikTok.  

This time it’s superstar chef Gordon Ramsay roasting TommyInnit after the Minecraft content creator made making egg on toast look as hard as an Oxford University final exam. 

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Gordon Ramsay hilariously slams TommyInnit’s egg on toast

“I’m making the perfect egg sandwich,” Tommy announced. “So I can prove I’m better than Gordon Ramsay.”

At first, the Hell’s Kitchen chef seemed intrigued by what Tommy was going to whip up. He was certainly impressed by his packed fridge but, once the cooking itself commenced, the chef resorted to his bread and butter (food pun intended) of slandering a woeful effort at a simple dish. 

“Crack [the egg] with one hand, kid, how many times do I have to show you?” Gordon quipped. “There’s shell everywhere! What are you doing whisking it around like that? Tommy, stop playing with your food!” 

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Seemingly ignorant of the shell still present, Tommy proceeded to throw it into a barely warm pan, before tipping it ungracefully on one of the sorriest pieces of bread imaginable. 

Unsurprisingly, Gordon became less and less impressed. “There’s shell in there! That’s a shell-egg sandwich. For God’s sake, trick? Dude come on. I’m telling your mummy. Oh my goodness me look at that, what a mess.” 

The TikTok has amassed over 228,000 likes since it was posted to the chef’s account, with viewers finding the whole thing hilarious, if unappetizing. 

Here’s hoping Tommy sticks to his Minecraft content and doesn’t try and make it as a chef. 

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