GeorgeNotFound’s scuffed hot tub stream shatters Pokimane’s Twitch record

GeorgeNotFound pours cokes into hot tub during streamTwitch/GeorgeNotFound

Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch megastar GeorgeNotFound shocked fans with an extremely scuffed hot tub stream that ended up shattering a viewership record previously held by Pokimane.

On June 2, GeorgeNotFound took to Twitter to announce he was having an “epic hot tub stream” and fans absolutely ate it up.

The tweet quickly accumulated over 85,000 likes with viewers flocking to Twitch to see if he was actually hosting a hot tub stream or if it was just one big jebait.

Sure enough, it ended up being the truth, which impressed fellow streamer Valkyrae. “I didn’t expect him to be serious,” she replied to the announcement.

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However, things got off to a super rocky start, as a hole in the tub started causing water to leak out of the pool and into his house. Despite this, he persevered and eventually got into the tub, albeit with clothes on.

Crazily, this stunt resulted in over 350,000 viewers, demolishing Pokimane and OfflineTV’s hot tub stream record that pulled 100K.

Throughout the stream, George would spin a wheel with a bunch of humiliating tasks on it and whichever it landed on he would perform.

These included the ever awkward “change into a new outfit” task, which poked fun at female streamers who often switch up their bikinis throughout a broadcast to even drinking the water in the tub.

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After a few tasks, the wheel finally landed on “announcement” where the streamer got to unveil his brand new merch website and likely the reason he wanted to do a hot tub stream in the first place.

Even though the announcement was over and done with, that didn’t stop George from continuing the antics. In one segment, he poured four cans of Coke into the tub and in another, he cracked an egg and spilled the yolk on his head.

Surprisingly, George decided to stream in the Just Chatting category and not the fresh Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches section that was created as a result of the hot tub meta controversy.

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While the whole broadcast didn’t end up lasting too long, it did create some pretty entertaining moments, kicked off some new merch sales and broke the previous hot tub viewership record. Not bad for an afternoon on Twitch.

It will be very interesting to see how long this record stands for and if there even exists a hot tub streamer with enough power to top it.