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Twitch streamer Vylerria cosplays viral Samsung Girl with perfect likeness

Published: 2/Jun/2021 16:38

by James Busby


Samsung’s unofficial virtual assistant, Samsung Girl, continues to be a huge hit among fans from all over the world. However, one popular streamer has perfectly captured the hugely popular avatar. 

If you’ve been on social media recently, then chances are you’ve come across Samsung Girl – the latest virtual assistant that is currently taking the internet by storm. While Sam may not be replacing Bixby anytime soon, that hasn’t stopped thousands of fans from sharing their love for the cheerful character. Since Lightfarm Studios uploaded their concept art of Sam, the outpouring of art and memes have been nonstop.


Of course, the huge amount of popularity surrounding Sam has led to many fans recreating her stylish looks in the real world. This is exactly what Vylerria – a popular Twitch streamer and Instagram model has done. Not only has Vylerria faithfully recreated Sam with her faithful rendition, but she has demonstrated what Samsung Girl could look like if she were to step out of the virtual world. 

Samsung Girl cosplay goes viral

Samsugn Girl
Samsung Girl has taken the internet by storm.

While Samsung girl is not planned to be released in an official capacity, the outpour of love for the character has been clear. Twitch star and Instagram model ‘Vylerria’ is no stranger to the world of cosplay – in fact, she has continually wowed her fans with renditions of various characters from popular media. 


However, her latest cosplay as the one and only Samsung Girl has fans bowled over by her likeness to the virtual assistant. Posting on her Twitter, Vylerria showed off her new look with the caption “I tried @Samsung”. Well, it seems that the Twitch streamer did more than just try. In fact, the resemblance is all rather uncanny. 

Everything from Samsung Girl’s short brown hair to the virtual assistant’s cat’s eye eyeliner has been recreated. Even the character’s cheeky grin and outfit are all present.

Vylerria’s Samsung Girl Cosplay has been a huge hit, garnering 7.8k likes as of writing. Whether Samsung will give fans what they want remains to be seen, but for now, Sam fans can marvel at Vylerria’s perfect cosplay.