Pokimane’s hot tub stream hits 100K viewers as OfflineTV bottles bath water

pokimane in bath tub stream on twitchPokimane / OfflineTV

OfflineTV came together to celebrate the birthday of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys with their first ever hot tub stream on Twitch, and it went on to apparently break a viewership record. 

On May 14, the streamer celebrated her 25th birthday surrounded with her friends in a jacuzzi. Unlike other streams of this nature, though, the majority of those involved remained fully clothed. Pokimane did, however, wear a shirt that had a bikini print on it – front and back.

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The ‘hot tub meta‘ has certainly caused a stir in the Twitch community this year, with the likes of Amouranth, Pokimane, and many other high-profile personalities giving their take on the matter.

But as a one-off, the content creation group came together to give it a try – and were rewarded with an insane amount of people watching.

Pokimane hot tub stream highlights with Offline TV

OfflineTV wish Pokimane happy birthday in hot tub stream

They announced over 100,000 people were tuning in to watch the celebration at one stage, which is the most any Twitch channel has achieved for a hot tub stream specifically. A staggering amount, by all accounts.

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There were many highlights during the broadcast, with Dababy showing up in the chat to wish her a happy birthday in the chat, names being written on bodies, but the group bringing a cake into the water was one of the most wholesome.

Pokimane bathwater?

Paying homage to the famous incident where a streamer was selling ‘gamer girl’ bathwater, at one stage OTV also decided to bottle their own. They won’t be selling it, though.

“Oh, look at that. It’s some quality OTV hot tub water,” Scarra said, before handing a mason jar filled with the stuff over to Poki.

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She replied: “Thank you Scott for our own bath water, or hot tub water?”

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Streamers writing on Disguised Toast

At one point, Disguised Toast decided to get a fake tattoo on his arm.

The streamers also took turns writing on his chest, too, but it wasn’t his own skin – as he revealed later on.

His outfit arguably stole the show, too. Before the broadcast, he explained how he magically appeared on stream with a six-pack, tweeting: “One simple trick to get abs,” while showing off a plastic suit he would wear with a Hawaiian shirt.

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Scarra reacts to Pokimane hot tub stream

Scarra showed up dressed as one of the Eeveelutions from Pokemon – Umbreon. After the stream, he confirmed it was the last of this kind he would be involved in.

He tweeted: “And that’s the last hot tub stream I’m ever doing.”

The hot tub meta is running wild on Twitch in 2021 and by the looks of it, things aren’t going to slow down any time soon. Streamers, big and small, are seeing increased viewership and growth by hosting their broadcasts in jacuzzis and for as long as they’re allowed to do so, it will continue.

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OfflineTV have set down the marker, and now it’s down to other streamers to see if they can surpass this incredible viewership milestone.

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