GeorgeNotFound pranks TommyInnit by faking ban from Dream SMP

GeorgeNotFound prankYouTube: GeorgeNotFound/TommyInnit

GeorgeNotFound decided to prank TommyInnit by telling him that he was at risk of getting kicked from the Dream SMP. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly go to plan as George forgot to tell Tommy it was a joke before ending the call.

Ever since the Dream SMP was created back in 2020, the adventures and lore within the server have been enjoyed by millions of fans across the world.

Whether it’s the disk saga between TommyInnit and Dream, or the resurrection of Wilbur in the latest era, there’s always something entertaining going on in the Dream SMP.

However, the antics between the server members are not just limited to the game, as GeorgeNotFound demonstrated on-stream.

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George decided to call Tommy and prank him by saying he’d been banned from the Dream SMP, but it didn’t exactly go to plan.

TommyInnit prankYouTube: TommyInnit
TommyInnit has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube.

GeorgeNotFound’s prank on TommyInnit doesn’t go to plan

During his stream on June 1, George decided to call Tommy and play a prank on him for his viewers. The plan was to speak to Tommy and tell him that Dream was planning on kicking him from the Dream SMP for not creating enough lore.

However, after getting onto the call with Tommy and breaking the news, it all got a little serious. George maintained a stern tone throughout the whole conversation and even forgot to tell Tommy it was a joke before the call ended.

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“You know how you haven’t been streaming much on the SMP? Dream thinks the lore hasn’t been up to standards… basically, you’re gonna have to start upping the lore or we’re gonna un-whitelist you.”

It was obvious from Tommy’s reaction that he was confused about what was going on and it wasn’t until afterward that George realized he may have taken it a little too far.

Immediately after the call ended, George attempted to call Tommy back, but there was no reply, as he’d gone back to watching his TV series.

Despite this, George sent Tommy multiple texts to confirm it was a prank and it appears to have all been resolved now.

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While jokes between the Dream SMP members are always funny, George probably isn’t the best candidate for hosting a prank call next time.