Genius Twitch extension adds YouTube and Facebook streamers to Twitch

xqc and ludwig with twitch extension sidebarTwitch: xQcow/Ludwig

A browser extension has been created that allows users to add their favorite YouTube and Facebook Gaming streamers to Twitch, putting them all in one place.

With the expansion of livestreaming platforms rivaling Twitch, many viewers have found themselves having to flick between different platforms if they want to watch their favorite streamers.

For example, if you want to flick between xQc, Ludwig, and ZLaner, you have to visit three different websites to get your livestreaming fix.

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As a result, it sometimes means that you watch certain streamers less, especially if they migrate away from Twitch — but that might not be the case any longer.

Twitch logo with purple backgroundTwitch
Twitch remains on top, but now you can combine all the top streaming platforms.

Thanks to this Twitch extension, you can get all of your top streamers in one place, all laid on in the Twitch sidebar as if they’re streaming directly on the platform.

Twitch Previews aims to bring “a bunch of quality of life improvements” to the Amazon-owned platform, and now they’ve added this.

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“In addition to your favorite YouTube streamers, you can now add your favorite Facebook Gaming streamers to your Twitch sidebar!”

They even added that “it’s supported by our previews, custom video embeds & Multi-Stream features so you can use our Multi-Stream cross-platform,” making watching all the different streamers at once significantly easier.

With the streaming space growing extensively every year, and the biggest names moving away from Twitch, an extension like this might soon become more of a necessity than a luxury.

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However, whether the platforms themselves are a fan of this extension being available, is another question. For now though, it works a treat.

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