Gamers use viral TikTok about “dry ass phones” to create hilarious tips

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After a TikTok asking for guys without active romantic lives went viral, gamers have co-opted the trend and turned it into a way for people to improve at games like Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends.

A TikTok user by the name of ‘lilbentleyvert’ hit the “For You” page (also known as the FYP) with multicolored lighting, some winks, and a classic tongue-out pose. She had a simple question: “Dudes with zero h**s and dry a** phones, wyd rn?”

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While some guys may not want to be known for their absence of female romantic companions nor their barren cellular messaging services, TikTok’s gamers are apparently a proud people. Very quickly, bentleyvert’s original video had been surpassed in views and likes by a bevy of game-inclined users who were willing to show exactly what they were doing at the moment.

Dissatisfied with simply showing that they were playing video games, many of these users began showing off useful tips and combinations for popular titles. And very quickly, one lady’s desire for an uninvolved dude was co-opted and supplanted by gamers rising up and sharing tips.

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‘Wasperjeed,’ comfortable being a dude with an uncluttered inbox, was eager to take the “wyd rn” question head-on. He quickly, enthusiastically cut off bentleyvert’s video and proceeded to drop some knowledge.

With an abrupt “I’m so glad you asked,” Wasperjeed continues to explain how a “wavedash” functions in Super Mash Bros. Melee. Touching on how impactful it can be, he demonstrates how to perform the mechanic with a Gamecube controller and explains why it’s such a dominant technique.

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Of course, he nailed the caption as easily as he nailed Falco’s wavedash: “No h**s, but I still mash.” And he wasn’t the only gamer to rise up and co-opt the trend.


TikTok user ‘nottpanda,’ went in a different direction with his demonstration. Showing his PC’s monitor, he decided to let everyone know that he was currently practicing a “really easy” Akali combo in League of Legends.

Ultimately, no one knows if lilbentleyvert has decided to court one of these gamers yet. If she does choose one, Wasperjeed has to be a top candidate, given his skill and superior ability to avoid inappropriate language (unlike nottpanda). But if she doesn’t choose one, then that’s ok, because they seem content to share tips with fellow gamers, instead.

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