TikTok stars rally around adorable kid to make his first video go viral

Child goes viral on TikTok for backflip videoTikTok: ttv_btwdude

An adorable child has taken over TikTok after his very first video went viral, thanks to the help of the platform’s biggest stars — and even some bonafide celebrities.

On December 6, TikTok user ‘ttv_btwdude’ uploaded his very first video to the site, which showed a small child standing on top of a trampoline and decked out in warm winter gear.

It turns out that the account is owned by the child in question, who admitted that the video was his first one and that he wanted “no hate” in his comments section.

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“Hi guys, this is my first video,” the kid began. “No hate. Please like, follow, share, copy [the] link. I’m gonna do my first backflip on camera so I can become TikTok famous.”

Saying that, the kid did exactly as he said — he performed a backflip, losing his glasses in the process but nevertheless landing on his feet.

The youngster has quickly become a viral sensation across TikTok, with the short video having garnered over 2.1 million likes and over 8.6 million views at the time of writing.

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This might be due to the help of a few of the platform’s top content creators, such as Marco ‘Poloboy’ Borghi, onlyjayus, Oneya, and harryjowsey.

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TikTok comments on btwdude's post.TikTok: ttv_btwdude
Commenters came out in droves with support for the young TikToker, including some of the platform’s biggest stars.

Even the Pittsburgh Steelers chimed in with a supportive comment — something they’ve been doing quite a lot lately, after taking up another TikToker on her failed ‘shaved-head’ challenge.

That’s not all; it seems like A-list celebrities have even gotten involved, with the likes of rapper Lil Uzi Vert leaving a comment on the wholesome video with, “Congrats.”

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In fact, the kid’s comments section is chock full of verified accounts providing positive feedback, writing such snippets as “Nice flip, my dude,” “That backflip was fire though!” and “CRUSHED IT!”

Comments under btwdude's viral TikTok.TikTok: ttv_btwdude
Even rapper Lil Uzi Vert joined in on the positivity.

Needless to say, it’s heartwarming to see TikTokers rallying around one of their own, as the platform has been known in the past for its vicious userbase and rampant bullying, with Taio Cruz deleting his account after being harassed on the app.

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“Btwdude” has since uploaded three other videos, all concealing his face in a similar manner, where he shouts out his friends, engages in viral filter trends, and even does a front flip to further showcase his tumbling talents.

These uploads have likewise garnered hundreds of thousands of views, jumpstarting one of the site’s most adorable users to viral fame in just a few days — and we’re here for the wholesomeness.

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