Gabbie Hanna TikTok videos explained: Influencer’s posts spark concern

Georgina Smith
Gabbie Hanna taking a selfie

Gabbie Hanna fans are concerned after the influencer posted a number of “worrying” videos to TikTok, after which the police reportedly visited her home. Here’s everything you need to know.

31-year-old Gabbie Hanna is an influencer who garnered popularity on the now-defunct video app Vine, but she has since gone on to develop a following on both YouTube and TikTok, as well as launch a music career.

On August 23, fans grew concerned when Gabbie started posting a number of “worrying” videos to TikTok, in which she discussed a variety of topics, including notably religion and death. She was also criticized for comments many have described as “racist.”

She ended up posting over 100 videos within the span of 24 hours, and viewers continued to leave comments urging people who know Gabbie to reach out and check on her.

Stranger enters Gabbie Hanna’s home

Among the videos she uploaded, Gabbie documented herself letting a stranger named Nick into her house, who claimed he needed to use the bathroom.

She filmed multiple videos with the man in her house, while commenters revealed they were “terrified” for Gabbie.

Gabbie later became aware of the fact that the stranger knew who she was and told him to get out of her house, saying: “By the way Nick, I know you know who I am. Why did you lie to me this whole time?” After he asked her about a bottle of pills he was holding, she told him it was for her acne, before saying: “Get the f**k out of my house now. Now. Now.”

On his own TikTok page after leaving her house, Nick claimed that he was “trying to help.” He received a huge amount of backlash from commenters who told him he “crossed a huge line.”

Gabbie’s sister speaks out

Following Gabbie’s posts, many viewers left comments under her sister Cecilia’s TikTok posts asking her to check on Gabbie.

In response to the influx of comments, Cecilia said: “This video was filmed and posted a full day before anything was happening or at least before we were aware. We are all in PA and she is in LA. We are doing what can be done from here. At the end of the day, you are all strangers on the internet and it is none of your business regardless of level of concern.

“Obviously we are aware and doing what we can. She is an adult. I am a 20-year-old on the other side of the country.”

She also went on to limit comments on the post, adding: “Comments from this point on are limited because none of you know how to respect personal boundaries. You’re speaking to and about REAL PEOPLE.”

Gabbie is visited by police

On August 25, Gabbie posted a video in which she claimed she was, “cuffed and detained by 5 officers who busted into my house through the back door because I exercised my free speech and religion. Then they sent 2 psych evaluation specialists who almost dragged me off to a hospital but luckily I’m smart, educated, kind, and brave.”

According to TMZ, the LAPD received an influx of calls from people concerned about Gabbie. Medical professionals reportedly had a “long chat” with the influencer, but they “determined she didn’t pose a threat to herself or anyone else” and “allowed her to remain in her home.”

Gabbie went on to write in another video: “Yanno, right before they cuffed and detained me without reason after I asked, mocked me and demeaned me in my home. What made me laugh was all five grown-ups flinched every time 5’5.5″ 155lb lil ol me in my skin-tight workout clothes? They flinched every time I shifted even a little. It’s almost like they’re afraid I have superpowers hahaha.”

In another video, she thanked the two psych evaluation professionals for their “careful, thorough, and kind services.”

Although Gabbie has had several breaks from posting since she started, the influencer is continuing to upload videos discussing the situation and responding to comments as of August 26.

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