Gabbie Hanna slams Trisha Paytas after finally reacting to old video: “she’s obsessed”

Gabbie Hanna reacts to Trisha Paytas in new videoInstagram: Gabbie Hanna/Trisha Paytas

Gabbie Hanna has released another, 41-minute YouTube video reacting to claims Trisha Paytas made about her in 2019. In the video, Gabbie claims that they’re “obsessed”, “f***ing nasty” and “the Perez Hilton of our generation”.  

On June 28, Gabbie was making news as the subject of Joey Graceffa’s ‘Escape the Night’ exposé branding her a “nightmare”. Across June 2021, she has been involved in high-profile feuds with Bo Burnham and drama channel Angelika Oles.

In a move viewers have branded a “deflection”, Gabbie released two separate videos regarding her stormy relationship with Trisha Paytas.

The pair’s highly-publicized feud came to a climax last night as Gabbie reacted in real-time to year-old accusations made against her by Trisha, hammering another nail into the coffin of their former friendship.

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Gabbie Hanna brands Trisha Paytas “toxic”

Gabbie defended herself in the video insisting that she doesn’t start drama, “the only thing I ever f***ing do… is respond”. As well as calling them “narcissistic,” she went on to accuse Trisha of “projecting” all of their emotions onto her in a heated final rant.

“(Trisha’s) gonna tell you… you’re f***ing crazy,” she said. “(They’ll) insult you in any way (they) possibly can. Then (they’re) gonna tell you to shut the f**k up.”

She maintained in the video that while she mostly avoids Trisha’s content “like the plague,” she needed to go through each of her videos for editing purposes.

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Some fans found the funny side of Gabbie’s video, agreeing the feud has become “tiring” and both parties are equally as “toxic”.

One fan said it was “like watching two circus clowns going at it non-stop,” while another added that the YouTubers must be “using the same script”.

Regardless of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, could it be time for the two to bury the hatchet before fans finally get bored?