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Gabbie Hanna demands “accountability” for supposed Bebe Rhexa music video parallels

Published: 18/Apr/2021 1:30 Updated: 17/Apr/2021 23:22

by Charlotte Colombo


Fans rejoiced after musician Bebe Rexha dropped the music video for her new track ‘Sabotage’, but there was one person who definitely wasn’t happy: YouTuber and aspiring singer Gabbie Hanna.

Bebe Rexha released the highly-anticipated music video on Thursday 15 April. Christian Breslauer, who has also worked with top musicians like Chris Brown, Doja Cat and Jason Derulo, is credited as the director.

Although the video has already surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, certain creative choices in the video –  like Rexha holding a single match and standing in front of a burning house – have amassed criticism from Gabbie Hanna and her fans. This is because similar shots were used in Hanna’s 2018 music video ‘Monster’.


With several fans posting side-by-side comparisons, calling Rexha’s new video “unacceptable” and demanding that the singer speak out about the situation, Bebe later defended her music video on Twitter – claiming that while she was inspired by another music video, it wasn’t Gabbie Hanna’s.

“My ACTUAL inspo was ‘Love the Way You Lie,” Rexha revealed in a Tweet, as she posted an image from the 2010 music video of Eminem and Rhianna, who both feature on the track, standing in front of a burning building in the same way Bebe did in her music video.

While she also admitted she had “never heard” of Gabbie (shade!), she said that “great minds think alike” and committed herself to listening to some of Hanna’s music.


However, it looks like Gabbie isn’t as willing to forgive and forget. Posting a TikTok editing the two videos together for viewers to compare, she said in the caption that while she doesn’t blame Rexha, she believes that “the director, Christian Breslauer, needs to be held accountable.”


i doubt @beberexha had anything to do with this, but i do think her director, christian breslauer, should be held accountable. #whatifimthemonster

♬ Monster – Gabbie Hanna

Hanna then took to Twitter to vent about the situation, saying: “I really wasn’t going to say anything, but then i realized that’s what people are hoping small artists do… stay silent and shut up because they don’t want to upset influential industry people. again.”

She also quipped: “I find it hard to tell which screenshots are mine and which are hers!”


Rexha is yet to respond to these latest comments, as is the director of her music video Christian Breslauer.