Disguised Toast’s rookie mistake ruins Among Us game with Sykkuno, Corpse & Valkyrae

Luke Edwards
disguised toast among us emergency meetingInstagram: Disguised Toast/InnerSloth

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang made the most basic of all Among Us errors to give himself away as an imposter during a star-studded stream with Sykkuno, Corpse, Valkyrae, and others.

With Among Us still popular as ever among streamers, nobody has made the game their own quite like Toast. In fact, it’s become by far his most-played game on Facebook Gaming since the midway point of 2020.

With all this time dedicated to the game, you’d think Toast would have the basics nailed to a tee. Every new player has done something stupid to give themselves away as the imposter, but Toast has likely played Among Us for hundreds of hours.

However, during an Among Us game that was full of big names from the world of streaming, Toast made arguably the worst rookie mistake of them all.

disguised toast breakFacebook
Disguised Toast switched from Twitch to Facebook Gaming in late 2019.

After Miyoung ‘Kkatamina’ Kang caught Bretman Rock and Toast emerging from electrical, where they had killed Valkyrae, Bretman was voted off, leaving Toast as the only remaining imposter.

As the next round started, Toast gave us his thoughts. “That was not good to kill Bretman,” he said. “Maybe I should’ve just killed Miyoung.”

The only issue was that Toast hadn’t actually muted himself and accidentally broadcasted these thoughts to the entire call, completely giving himself away to the rest of the crewmates.

Mobile users: segment starts at 1:05.

The entire discord erupted in laughter, as Toast slowly came to realize his mistake. Miyoung instantly slapped the emergency meeting button, leading to Toast getting voted off and sent into space. Toast even voted for himself, such was the gravity of the error.

Miyoung protested that she was going to call Toast out as an imposter anyway, after seeing him leave the room shortly before Valkyrae was murdered.

Voice chat in Among Us is a real path of peril, with the likes of KSI suffering unfortunate losses as a result of voice chat mechanics.

Either way, Toast’s mistake is one that many Among Us players have made in the past, and you can bet your house on seeing similar errors being made again in the future.