Fuslie literally didn’t recognize her ex-fiance Edison at a party: “Do I know you?”

Edison Park gives heartwarming verdict on Fuslie Twitch streamsInstagram: fuslie / Twitch: Edison Park

YouTube streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie‘ Ann Fu has revealed perhaps one of her most awkward moments, after she asked “do I know you” to Edison Park – to whom she was previously engaged to be married.

In October 2021, Fuslie confirmed that the pair had split, and that the break-up was amicable, explaining “We ended on the best terms that we possibly could, and we genuinely want nothing but the best for each other.”

Since then, the pair have clearly not been in contact, given that when they met recently at a party, Fuslie did not recognize him whatsoever, only a year after their split was confirmed.

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Fuslie “who’d” Edison Park

Attending the birthday party for Twitch streamer Softi, Fuslie explained that she was meeting and talking to lots of different people at the event.

But, things got awkward when she bumped into Edison. “At one point, I turn around, and I see this guy, who looks kinda familiar, but I don’t really recognize him. I looked to the girl to his left, and I forgot who this was but I was somebody I already knew.

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“I was like ‘hi, good to see you!’ then I looked back at the guy and I was like ‘hi have I met you before?’ And he’s like ‘you’re kidding?'”

Fuslie then asked “Do I know you?” – before the realization came. “I look at him, and I realize that it’s Edison. I literally who’d my ex-fiance to his face. I could not recognize him!”

But, Fuslie did explain, in her defense, that Edison was in “costume”, with blond hair, eyeliner, and fake tattoos. At first, she thought he looked like “Edison’s brother.”

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edison parkTwitter: edisonparklive
Edison’s outfit for the party.

Despite previously holding the record for the most time streamed on Twitch in a month, Edison is now a fairly infrequent Twitch streamer, even dubbed the ‘part-part-time’ streamer.

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