Friend of Kai Cenat denies rape allegations and claims “she lied about everything”

Calum Patterson
jovi pena djigui seck kai cenat

A man who was accused of raping a woman at Kai Cenat’s New Year 2023 party has responded to the allegations publicly, denying the accusation and claiming that it was a lie. The woman has also responded, refuting his version of events.

In January, TikToker and Instagram model Jovi Pena alleged that she had been sexually assaulted at the party, which Kai had invited her to, by a friend of Kai’s.

After making the allegation public on social media, Pena also accused Kai of refusing to help and trying to protect his friend. Kai denied this and said he had refused to speak about the situation based on advice from his legal team.

The man accused, Djigui Seck, known as Jiggy, initially did not respond to the accusation. On April 24, he uploaded a video of the alleged incident on Twitter, although it was later removed for violating Twitter rules, and denied the accusations.

Jiggy denies rape allegation at Kai Cenat party

After sharing the video, he followed up: “I Chose To Remain Silent All This Time For Multiple Reasons. 1. It was advised by my attorney. 2. I wanted her to fully detail her “account” for that night, so she can’t make anything else up when the FACTS came out. 3. I was not going back and forth with her or millions of people.

“I thought clearing my name would be a much quicker process but it clearly wasn’t. 5. I wanted to see how she was gone act after she said all that. Definitely not like no victim 6. I just simply didn’t know what was to come.”

Seck followed up with a series of tweets denying the sequence of events that had been alleged, and sharing old social media posts from Jovi Pena.

The posts focused on her behavior when drunk, and accused her of being a “groupie.”

Jovi responded to the video posted and the denial. She denied that the encounter was consensual, and other details such as the claim she was smiling.

She also slammed the decision to post a video, arguing the he knew “that the internet will respect me less because of it. Really using misogyny to your full advantage.”

Seck said he would no longer be posting about the situation and would stop using Twitter. He also confirmed that Twitter instructed him that the video would have to be taken down or his account would be removed.

Kai Cenat has not commented on the situation publicly since January.

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