Kai Cenat accused of “not cooperating” with authorities over alleged rape by his friend

Kai Cenat fires modTwitch: Kai Cenat

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has been accused of “not cooperating” with authorities after his friend alleged she was raped at a party he invited her to.  

On January 6, TikTok creator Jovi Pena came forward with allegations of rape, alleging she was assaulted at a party that Kai Cenat had invited her to.

According to Pena, the Twitch star advised her to go upstairs and sleep in one of the rooms instead of leaving the party — where she was then raped.

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Furthermore, the TikToker called out Kai, accusing him of avoiding her messages and not helping identify the man who assaulted her.

In response, the 21-year-old streamer claimed he refused to speak on the situation due to the advice he received from his legal team — who instructed him to avoid talking to anybody.

Kai Cenat accused of “not cooperating” with police

In a series of tweets on January 13, Jovi further accused Kai of “not cooperating” with the authorities, despite the Twitch star claiming he was the one who notified the police about the allegations.

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“If everyone is so innocent why are they refusing to get questioned,” she wrote. “Why is nobody actually cooperating w/ the police but me? It’s so easy to pretend to help. it’s so easy to pretend to be a good person. As long as people keep lying about what’s happening. I’ll keep saying the truth.”

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She continued: “Maybe he shouldn’t lie about my situation. that shit is allowed to piss me off. Maybe he should speak about anything else if he doesn’t wanna help. If nobody is helping me with my case but acting like they are yeah it’s allowed to p**s me off.”

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A fan responded, questioning the TikToker on what Kai is lying about, noting that he claimed he was the one who notified the authorities.

Pena hit back: “I got the authorities involved. Nobody else did. Nobody. If people keep lying imma keep clearing sh*t up. nobody has cooperated with law enforcement and it’s pissing me the f**k off.

The TikToker has since deleted her Twitter account, along with her TikTok page which had over 120,000 followers.

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Kai is yet to respond to the new claims.

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