Fresh & Fit claim they’re victims of “targeted attack” following YouTube hate speech ban

Virginia Glaze

The hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast say they were victims of a “targeted attack” and “mass reporting” after receiving a week-long ban from YouTube over ‘hate speech.’

The Fresh & Fit podcast is back on YouTube after receiving a seven-day ban from the video platform.

Fresh & Fit is comprised of influencer duo Walter Weekes and Myron Gaines, who aim to “help men navigate women, finances, and fitness.”

Their podcast has become a subject of controversy in the past due to comments made by Weekes and Gaines — most notably during their viral conversation with Instagram model Brittany Renner earlier this year.

Fresh & fit pose with Dj Akademiks
The hosts of Fresh and Fit (right, left) pose alongside DJ Akademiks (middle).

The Fresh & Fit podcast received a week-long ban from YouTube in late March, leaving viewers confused as they awaited more content from the channel, which usually uploads multiple videos per day.

Seven days later, the duo returned with a live stream to explain why they’d taken a sudden hiatus. Weekes and Gaines say they were banned due to ‘hate speech’ stemming from two older videos.

The hosts also claimed their channel was the victim of a “targeted attack” from an unnamed YouTuber and alluded to a potential “mass reporting” from said YouTuber’s fanbase.

fresh and fit on DJ Akademiks
Fresh & Fit notably came under fire earlier this year for comments made during a conversation with Instagram model Brittany Renner on DJ Akademik’s podcast.

Fresh & Fit claim unnamed YouTuber was behind ‘hate speech’ ban

“We got flagged for hate speech,” Gaines explained.

“By another YouTuber,” Weekes added.

“We’re not gonna go too much into detail, but all I’m gonna say is two videos that are old as hell were flagged, and the way that they were flagged was indicative of a mass report that was very obviously a targeted attack,” Gaines continued.

“It was ‘hate speech’ from two old-a** videos, and that right there made me go, ‘Hmm.’ When we looked into it a little bit further …we pretty much found it was a targeted attack, guys.”

(Topic begins at 12:35)

Despite their unexpected ban, the hosts say that their channel received around 15,000 subscribers during the seven-day suspension.

This latest ban lift follows another major unban for Twitch streamer ‘ExoHydraX,’ whose channel was recently reinstated after getting banned eight months ago for a hot tub stream.

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