Jeff Wittek confirms David Dobrik lawsuit after life-threatening accident

Jeff Wittek David Dobrik LawsuitYouTube: Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk

Jeff Wittek has confirmed he started a lawsuit against David Dobrik following an accident in 2021 that caused the former vlog squad member to nearly lose an eye.

Influencer and YouTuber Jeff Wittek ended his friendship with David Dobrik in February, calling the YouTuber a “scumbag.”

Stemming from an accident in 2021 where Wittek nearly lost an eye, the influencer blamed Dobrik for mishandling an excavator that they were using for a Vlog Squad video.

Jeff threatened David with a lawsuit for the accident on March 9, 2022, and on an April 5 episode of Raw Talk with Bradley Martyn — he confirmed it has turned into a legal battle.

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Jeff Wittek eye injury hospitalInstagram: jeffwittek
Podcast host Jeff Wittek suffered a severe eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong.

Jeff Wittek confirms lawsuit against David Dobrik

After beginning the video talking about how Jeff Wittek began creating content, Bradley Martyn brought up the ongoing situation between the former Vlog squad member and Dobrik.

“We’re not really talking, I felt really pissed off hearing the stuff he said,” Wittek explained. “This guy’s never gonna learn. I guess I’ll just talk to some lawyers. I can’t have this stress in my life. I wanna come on camera and be funny.”

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Martyn asked the creator if he had become a real legal issue, and Jeff confirmed that it is. He said: “Yeah, it takes a lot of your energy out… I’m trying to deal with those calls and stuff when I have to, but I wanna get back to enjoying life.”

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Jeff documented the aftermath of his injury in a series of YouTube videos titled ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ on his YouTube channel, revealing just how life-threatening the situation was.

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At the time of writing, Dobrik has not made a comment regarding the ongoing lawsuit against him.