Nelk Boy’s Kyle Forgeard reacts to Logan Paul fight offer

Nelk Boys Kyle Forgeard responds to Logan Paul fight offerYouTube: Money Buys Happiness/Impaulsive

Nelk Boys co-founder Kyle Forgeard has responded to Logan Paul wanting to fight him, stating that the feud between the two content creators is just “friendly competition.” 

Over the last few years, the Nelk Boys have gained mass popularity thanks to their prank videos, philanthropy, and the Full Send Podcast.

During the March 1 episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul revealed to Oliver Tree that he wanted to fight Kyle Forgeard after mentioning that Nelk “copied” their idea for their podcast.

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Kyle has responded, saying that he believes the feud between him and Logan is just “friendly competition,” and claims that he is friends with both of the Paul brothers.

full send gymNELK YouTube
Full Send is the NELK Boys brand name throughout their podcast and web3 projects.

Kyle responds to Logan wanting to fight him

On the April 3 episode of the podcast ‘Money Buys Happiness,’ Ernesto Gaita and Anthony Sorella brought up to Kyle that the Paul brothers have been calling him out “a little bit.”

“No, I think just Logan,” Forgeard explained. “I think it’s because they started Impaulsive. They were the first to do that and they crushed it. Now it’s just a friendly competition I think. They paved the way, we got our idea from them.”

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He went on to state that he believes the Full Send Podcast has continued to beat Impaulsive in views and viewer retention, meaning fans allegedly watch their podcast longer than Logan’s.

(Topic starts at 40:08 in video)

Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery created the Full Send Podcast in 2021, three years after Logan Paul and Mike Majlak launched Impaulsive. Since then, the Full Send Podcast has amassed over a million subscribers.

They’ve also had celebrity guests like Jamie Foxx, Gary Vaynerchuck, Dana White, and Mike Tyson appear on the show.

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