Fousey taking streaming break after controversial airport stream with “trafficked” woman

Connor Bennett
Fousey in purple and yellow laker shirt sat in car talking to camera.Twitch: Fousey

YouTuber and streamer Fousey has revealed he’ll be taking a break from streaming after he was accused of taking advantage of a woman at an airport during a recent broadcast. 

Fousey, or FouseyTube to others, is a recognizable name for many who have followed YouTube over the last few years. He made his name with prank videos and edgy social experiments but has recently put more of a focus on Twitch streaming.

During his August 6 stream, however, he landed himself in hot water after an interaction with a drunk woman at the airport. She joked that she was sober before admitting to having had a few drinks. She also revealed she had been trafficked and sold into a “sex ring.” 

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After a conversation about that, Fousey gave her $300, before his viewers donated even more to her. During this, the pair continued flirting and kissing, before they disappeared from view for around 20 minutes. When Fousey returned to the camera, he bragged that they’d just hooked up.

However, a few moments later, he started to regret things, saying he felt “guilty” about it and even claimed he was crying behind his sunglasses. Though, many viewers doubted that and accused him of having taken advantage of the woman. Before turning his stream off, he claimed it was all a joke and nothing happened aside from them sharing life stories about her experiences. 

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Fousey taking break from Twitch amid controversy

Fousey has since posted a lengthy statement to Twitter in the early hours of August 7, alerting fans to his break, while also stating that he’d be back “shortly” after being “manic” recently. 

“I’ve been neglecting my health. Not going to the gym. Not drinking water. Not sleeping properly. Not eating clean and consistently moving at 100000 MPH. It’s time to slow down,” he stated.

“My close friends and family want me to go do a check in at the doctors for a mental health eval and to go see my therapist. I assure you I’m fine, but I’m slipping.”

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His statement had no direct references to the situation that had happened at the airport, but was more a general comment on his lifestyle recently. 

The statement concluded with Fousey saying he’d be back “shortly” and that he wasn’t doing any of this for “content” as some may suggest. 

“This isn’t content. This isn’t YouTube or Twitch. This is my REAL LIFE. I am living my on camera 100000% authentically,” Fousey added. 

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The original broadcast and clips have been wiped from Fousey’s Twitch channel, though he did upload a part of his stream to YouTube with his apology and regret for the interaction.

It’s not his only controversy recently either, as Fousey issued an apology back on August 2 for using a racial slur during his subathon.

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