Twitch streamer confronted by airport security for “suspicious” activity

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer and Smash Bros player was reported for “suspicious” activity after broadcasting in an airport, leading to a humorous confrontation with a security officer that left viewers rolling.

IRL Twitch streams are famous for the wild moments they capture for all to see in real time… but one streamer got more than he bargained for after broadcasting in an airport.

Twitch streamer and Smash Bros player ‘BobbyBigBallz’ was sitting down at the airport, pulling off a freestyle rap for his viewers when he was approached by a security guard who interrupted his white-hot bars.

After the officer asked him to “pause” his broadcast, he was informed that he’d had been reported after travelers noticed that he was broadcasting in the area.

“You were like, video taping all up and down,” the officer said, who informed him that this wasn’t “against the law” — but it was “suspicious.”

“It’s not normal for people to do that,” the officer continued.

“I’m not normal, I play Falco,” the streamer joked about his Smash main. “I’m a beast. I’m a different type of beast.”

After explaining that he was a Smash Bros player, the officer asked him how good he was — to which Bobby responded by saying he was ranked 35 in the world and had just taken second place at a tournament in Tennessee.

The officer congratulated him on his placement and asked for his handle… but was left visibly shaken when the streamer told him it was ‘BobbyBigBallz.’

The moment has gone viral on social media, leaving viewers’ sides split after watching the awkward interaction.

“Dude knew he wasn’t in trouble and totally leaned into it lmao,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“He handled that surprisingly well, including sorta knowing his rights and questioning if he had to turn it off,” another remarked.

This is just the latest viral moment to spawn from an airport after a YouTuber and their friend got ripped into by a judge for a prank they pulled at an airport earlier in 2023.

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