Fortnite YouTuber MOMO Does Fortnite Dance During KSI vs Logan Boxing Match

Virginia Glaze

Fans might know MOMO from his many FIFA and Fortnite videos on his YouTube channel, where he has over 1.4 million subscribers.

However, MOMO is more than a YouTube gamer. He made his first foray into amateur boxing during the KSI vs Logan Paul fight – and had an interesting take on the sport.

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MOMO was set to fight fellow FIFA pro RossiHD in the second match of the evening. With over 2 million subscribers collectively, it wasn’t just a matter of physical prowess – it was a matter of clout, as well.

Rather than taking the match too seriously, MOMO decided to put a different spin on his fight.

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At just one minute and fifty seconds into the first round, MOMO broke into Fortnite’s “Hype” emote, as though making an attempt to taunt his opponent.

The ‘Hype’ emote originates from the ‘shoot’ dance, popularized by rapper BlocBoy JB.

He wasn’t done yet: after another standoff with RossiHD, MOMO taunted again with the “Floss,” quickly returning to fighting stance at Rossi’s subsequent approach.

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Rossi himself appeared a bit amused – he couldn’t stop a grin from sliding onto his face before rushing back in.

MOMO ended up taking the match against RossiHD in a points decision, solidifying his strength – and subscriber count – in the face of his opponent.

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MOMO’s win was followed by five other events on the undercard, during which Jake Paul took the victory over Deji, KSI’s little brother. 

The event has over 5.4 million views as of August 26th, with another 1.2 million on Twitch. MOMO’s dance moves brought the hype to an already hype event, proving that internet memery is ever-present – even in the middle of a livestreamed fight.

You can watch MOMO’s video on his fight from his YouTube channel below.