Former OTK member Rich Campbell allegedly had “several” sexual assault victims

Carver Fisher

Following Rich Campbell stepping down from OTK, there are claims that he had “several other victims” who have been “scared” away from speaking out due to online harassment against Lexi, the woman who originally made allegations against him.

Streamer Azalialexi (AKA Lexi) alleged that Rich Campbell sexually assaulted her, allegations that were quickly followed by Rich Campbell stepping down from his position at OTK.

Asmongold addressed Campbell’s departure from the org as well as the allegations held against him, and said that “We’re on their side, that’s why Rich is gone.” in relation to the allegations made by Lexi.

But, as Kaceytron claimed on a recent Twitch stream, there were several other victims in this case that Lexi was made aware of when speaking with Asmongold about the situation.

Rich Campbell allegedly sexually assaulted “several other victims”

Kaceytron had a lengthy on-stream discussion about the Rich Campbell allegations and OTK as a whole, and discussed how many male streamers on Twitch have, in her opinion, “cultivated their audience based on misogyny.”

During this discussion, Kaceytron revealed some more details about the Rich Campbell allegations, and has claimed that there are “several other victims” that were involved with Campbell.

“It was relayed to me by Lexi that Asmon communicated to her there were several other victims, and that there are corroborating factors in every story.” Kaceytron went on to talk about these other victims, two of which “eventually went private and deleted their statements”.

Kaceytron purposely left out the names of those affected, saying that “I’m really trying to just relay the facts of what I’m told as clearly as possible while still being careful to protect people who haven’t come forward.”

Lexi had a tweet thread of her own that spoke about how other women have been scared away from speaking out “due to how you’ve continually harassed me for a week while the perpetrator has been radio silent”.

Lexi herself had to go private for a short time after putting out her statement about Rich Campbell, and has claimed that she’s receiving “death threats” and other forms of harassment.

Rich Campbell has yet to comment on the allegations other than his original statement made on December 16, saying that he “will make an update soon“.

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