Asmongold abruptedly ends stream amid Rich Campbell sexual assault allegations

Asmongold |Twitch/Rich Campbell | Twitter

Following the sexual assault allegations made against Rich Campbell, OTK streamer Asmongold addressed the issue at length on stream and abruptly ended the broadcast after appearing to be overwhelmed by the situation.

OTK has been steeped in controversy for months, with the most recent event being allegations against Rich Campbell for sexual assault that have resulted in him resigning from OTK.

Asmongold was streaming as the allegations came to light, prompting him to address the issue on stream and try to move on with the broadcast.

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Asmongold would go on to address the situation at length the next day, giving an in-depth series of statements as to how the situation is being handled. Later in the broadcast, he suddenly ended his stream after appearing to be overwhelmed by the whole situation.

Asmongold ends stream after Rich Campbell controversy

During Asmongold’s stream, allegations about OTK member Rich Campbell were spreading across Twitter, prompting quick action from the organization.

Being one of OTK’s founders, Asmongold felt the need to address the issue with a quick statement on-stream.

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“Ok… This is like super f***ing awkward to do right this minute when I’m playing a new game. Yes, we saw the stuff about Rich. Yes, we’re addressing it. That’s all I’m going to say.”

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Asmon addressed the situation at the outset of his next stream, deciding to speak about the situation before he got too far into the Twitch broadcast. He had this to say about Rich Campbell:

“I saw a lot of people that were saying that it wasn’t true, that she’s making everything up. Please do not do that. You’re not our fan, you’re not on our side. We’re on their side. That’s why Rich is gone.”

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He continued by making it clear that clear that slander toward those who may have been affected by Campbell’s alleged actions would not be tolerated in his stream.

“If you go and you are messaging these girls, trying to cast dispersions, cast a shadow of doubt and make them feel bad for coming forward with what their story is, you are not our fan. You are not my fan. You are not doing us any favors, you’re not on our team. You’re not helping us. You’re not helping anyone.”

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Asmongold was able to stream for a few hours after that, but he couldn’t keep the stream up as long as he would have liked. After saying that he was done and that he “couldn’t think clearly”, he decided to end the stream.

He had the full support of his chat through this, with tons of hearts getting spammed as he announced and followed through with the abrupt end of the broadcast.

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