Fextralife becomes Twitch’s most-watched channel amid New World hype

Sam Comrie. Last updated: Oct 10, 2021
Fextralife logo on New World volcano
Fextralife/Twitch/Amazon Games

While streamers such as Asmongold, Shroud, and CouRage explore New World, gaming outlet Fextralife has acquired an unexpected Twitch accolade on the back of the MMO hype. 

Amazon Games’ MMO hit New World has been debuted to the world, with a mostly positive response. Promising a rich, layered world for players to explore, New World has quickly risen up the ranks as Twitch streamers big and small have taken a liking to the game.

Some of Twitch’s biggest streamers have only increased their viewership thanks to the hype of the new game, but it isn’t Asmongold or Shroud that stands atop the most-watched charts.

In an unexpected turn, gaming outlet Fextralife have actually jumped out in front of some of the platform’s most prominent streamers.

New World Fishing Guide
Amazon Game Studios
New World boasts a plethora of activities for players to explore.

Fextralife are out to claim their slice of the action

Off the back of New World’s outstanding presence in the Twitch community, it is Fextralife who have staked their claim as the most-watched channel on the platform at the time of writing.

As per stats from Sullygnome, stretching back to the game’s release, Fextralife has over 12.3 million hours of watch time under their belt, which is quite a considerable distance between themselves and the rest.

Shroud, who has barely played anything else since New World’s release, has just a touch under 10 million hours watched. Brazillian CS:GO streamer gaules trails behind in third with almost 8 million hours.

Fextralife Twitch Stats
Fextralife leads the way for hours watched.

While Fextralife might cracking out the champers behind the scenes, their sudden uptake in viewership hasn’t been received in a completely positive light.

Twitch streamer Ludwig didn’t hesitate to call out the outlet, as he felt that something was off with Fextralife’s statistics. He noted that the channel was “stealing” views by having embedded streams on their own website. 

Other channels have embedded themselves on outside platforms previously, which naturally leads to an uptick in views anyway.

It’s unlikely that Twitch would take any action against the channel, but clearly not everyone is a fan.