FaZe Temperrr vs Slim Albaher looks more likely than ever amid Twitter beef

FaZe Temperrr vs Slim AlbaherYouTube: FaZe Temperrr, Slim Albaher Pexels.com: Ron Lach

A boxing match between influencers FaZe Temperrr and Slim Albaher is looking more likely than ever after the two stars got into a heated feud on Twitter.

Sulieman ‘Slim’ Albaher is a YouTuber with a history in boxing. In 2019, he faced off against fellow creator FouseyTube, winning the match by TKO.

In 2021, Slim won another match against an opponent at the Social Knockout 2 event, KO’ing his rival to take the victory.

Temperrr, on the other hand, is an influencer with a history in the martial arts. The YouTuber currently trains regularly in boxing and MMA, and practiced Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai in his childhood — and while he’s called out names like Jake Paul in the past, he has yet to jump into the boxing ring against another influencer for an official bout.

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FaZe Temperrr in the gymYouTube: FaZe Temperrr
FaZe Temperrr called out Jake Paul for a fight in the past, but it looks like his next opponent could be Slim, instead.

FaZe Temperrr calls out Slim Albaher on Twitter

However, this could be set to change in the near future. In September, Temperrr notably called out Slim on Twitter, comparing the YouTuber to a kangaroo.

“Your first fight was against somebody who was heavier than me, your 2nd fight you ran across the ring, threw a punch, and that was the fight,” Temperrr wrote. “Stop hiding behind the keyboard with your goofy a**.”

Over a month later, Slim finally hit back. “Man got a boxing bag in his backyard and thinks he can box now lmao,” he replied.

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“Ima show you levels to this game once you have balls to step up. Ima break you, I promise you that.”

That’s not all; Temperrr revealed that he and Slim were allegedly set to face off on October 15, but claimed that Slim purportedly pulled out of the match.

“Man shut up,’ Temperrr shot back. “We were supposed to fight October 15th, but you pulled out cause you wanted another easy opponent instead. I can’t tell what’s uglier, you or your boxing.”

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A few replies later, and it looks like the rivals are open to scheduling a boxing match against each other before the year is out, although no official word has yet been announced for their proposed bout.

For now, the internet is waiting to see what comes of this beef, and whether or not they’ll actually see this months-long feud come to a head.

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