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FaZe Sensei in Talks with Adam Saleh for Future Boxing or Sparring Match

Published: 5/Sep/2018 23:34 Updated: 6/Sep/2018 0:06

by Virginia Glaze


FaZe Sensei and Adam Saleh’s beef is finally coming to a head, as both YouTubers agreed to a fight after a series of videos.

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Martial arts trainer and FaZe Clan fitness instructor Isiah “Sensei” Ocasio-Pantoja is now in talks with YouTuber and prankster Adam Saleh for an upcoming fight.

While the two spoke about a fight earlier this year, things seem to be heating up after Sensei called out Saleh in a YouTube video on August 31.

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In the video, Sensei stated that Saleh had been ignoring him due to Sensei’s smaller following, although commenters were suggesting a match between the two on various social media platforms.


“I don’t know how he can keep up saying that he wants to compete with someone and saying all these names… and yet I show my skills on the card, and he’s just completely ignoring me.”

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Saleh has since responded to Sensei’s callout video, addressing it toward the end of a vlog. He stated that he’d suggested other daytime trainers for Sensei to fight, and felt that a match between he and Jake Paul would make sense due to their shared weight class – but ultimately conceded.

“I’m not scared of you, and I’ll spar you any day you want.”

Saleh likewise suggested that they have a match for themselves, and not be part of the KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch under-card.

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Sensei responded to Saleh’s agreement and said the reason for the fight wasn’t based on any real beef, but rather a desire from fans to see the two throw down.


“I am going to take you up on the sparring match. We are definitely going to make that happen. I also want to do a basketball match… we can have fun, we can do three on three with your boys.”

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Both YouTubers expressed a shared admiration for one another, citing similar interests of basketball and fighting.

Sensei fought on the Logan Paul vs KSI fight card against fellow YouTuber ‘Overtflow’ and won, knocking his opponent down twice. Saleh has also fought as a professional boxer.