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Logan Paul Retaliates to KSI’s ‘Why I Beat Logan Paul’ Video

Published: 5/Sep/2018 21:03 Updated: 5/Sep/2018 21:07

by Virginia Glaze


Logan Paul dissected KSI’s video claiming that he won the fight, and teased an upcoming breakdown video of their match from his perspective.

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Logan stated that he wanted to hear his opponent’s interpretation on the fight before creating his own breakdown of the event, where he would analyze the match round by round.

He insisted that the match was a tie, as decided by the judges following their bout. KSI obviously felt otherwise, stating that the judges’ decision was “straight up BS.”

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Despite their beef, Paul was respectful of his opponent, complimenting his technical skills as well as his ability to take punches.


“KSI is definitely more technical than I am at this stage in my boxing career… his experience and his ring knowledge really, really helped him in this fight.”

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He responded to KSI’s assessment of his skill as well, thanking him for the compliment towards his jab. He admitted that he discovered the power behind his jab just a week and a half before their fight, and would build additional attacks around it for their rematch.

However, the niceties ended there – Logan checked KSI on his claim that he wasn’t mentally out of the game due to Paul’s cockiness.

“I think he realized that this was a real fight. He says he wants to go pro, right, but you have this dude who barely learned how to box, who just whooped your ass, and is now taunting you in front of millions of people? I know that got in his head.”

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However, Logan admitted that he made a few mistakes in the fight, and stated that he “had a lot to learn, still.”


While their rematch is still unscheduled, fans can watch a re-stream of their bout in anticipation for their next fight on the KSIvsLoganPaul YouTube channel.