FaZe Clan’s Kalei banned on TikTok following mass reports from angry fans

FaZe Kalei banned on TikTokTikTok/FaZe

FaZe Clan’s newest member, KaleiRenay, is blaming angry fans for mass reporting her on TikTok and getting her banned.

On June 3, Kalei shocked the world by announcing she had joined FaZe in a move that took her from being a “brand risk” to a megastar and part of one of the largest entertainment organizations in the world.

While the move was praised and celebrated by many across social media, not everyone was a fan of her joining FaZe – and made their displeasure heard on Instagram and other sites.

In a series of Kalei highlight clips and posts on FaZe’s Instagram to welcome their newest member, users began piling on hate, commenting how she wasn’t as talented as other players in the org and taking aim at her gender.

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“Y’all sign anybody,” one fan remarked.

“So just anyone is allowed to join FaZe now?” another unimpressed user rhetorically asked.

Others were more vicious, calling her signing a “diversity hire” and suggesting she was only picked up for being female.

The negativity seemed to spread to TikTok, with many people mass reporting her account in order to get her suspended.

“Incels are mad on TikTok because I joined FaZe and spam reported me,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s now perma banned. Cool.”

She further elaborated on the suspension in a follow-up tweet and provided some additional context to the situation.

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“I cannot believe I got spam reported due to people saying I joined FaZe from hacking and linked a clip of me having specialist and there was a red box because I have spotter and it was an enemy loadout!” she explained. “Literally brain dead.”

Currently, the @kaleirenay TikTok account is unavailable, but if the suspension was done out of mass reports, hopefully, FaZe can find a way to get her account back up and running quickly.