FaZe Clan puts hilarious twist on “$30 million” new house tour video

Brent Koepp

Popular esports organization FaZe Clan finally revealed their eye popping “$30 million” mansion, offering their fans a glimpse at their new Los Angeles house with a hilarious twist.

Esports continues to expand at a rapid pace, and to meet those demands organizations and teams have been building incredible spaces for their players to live in and make content.

While most house tour announcements are full of gorgeous HD shots and jaw dropping aerial views, FaZe Clan went with a different route for their “$30,000,000” California mansion reveal.

FaZe Clan puts a twist on “$30 million” house tour

FaZe opted for a comedic video that showed off their luxurious property while also capturing the spirit of the organization. The tour uploaded to their YouTube opened with owners Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks and Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat greeting their audience.

They then whisked viewers away to check out Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye’s digs where they addressed his permanent ban from Fortnite in 2019. Upon entering his room, the British player got “caught” playing the battle royale as his friends, dressed up in the game’s skin costumes, scrambled out of the room.

Hilariously Jarvis threw his monitor on the ground and then began to destroy it with a bat to get rid of the evidence. “Were you just playing Fortnite?” Banks asked. The streamer responded “What’s Fortnite? I don’t play Fortnite!” They then showed off his massive kitchen space and 75-inch TV.

The FaZe Clan house reveal used humor to show off their new place.

The tongue-in-cheek sketch quickly set the tone for the rest of the house reveal. Banks then showed off their mouth watering cars from a Tesla to a McLaren. In the best flex ever, the owner said “We got the Tesla model whatever the f**k, I honestly don’t know s**t about cars.”

While showcasing the outdoor area of their house, FaZe poked fun at Alexander ‘Adapt’ Pinkevich giving a sneak peek of the the place on March 9, just days before the official reveal. The camera panned to his new “living quarters” and showed the player had been banished to an outdoor tree house.

In a mock confessional, Adapt exclaimed, “I posted a video a week ago. And I got b**ched out. So they kicked me out of the room I had. I’m in a f**king tree-house. Like I could figure it out. I’ll build it out,” he joked.

The new FaZe Clan house has a full-sized gym.

The new pad also sports a full-sized gym, which was demonstrated with Jakob ‘Teeqo’ giving workout lessons to female influencers in vintage exercise outfits. They then cut to an 80s montage as the Swedish player got his sweat on.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the property has a full sized lake behind it. “We got a lake at the f**king house, baby!” the FaZe owner shouted, before discovering his assistant in the water on a float with popular model Katie Bell.

Walking in on the org’s editor TeaWap, the camera captured him editing a video for Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney. Joking, Banks tossed him out into the rain calling him a “traitor” – although it was all in good fun.

(Timestamp 00:43 for mobile users.)

As esports organizations continue to expand, we are likely to see more teams moving in to incredible spaces like the stunning 100 Thieves Cash App Compound revealed in late January. However, FaZe Clan’s comedic spin on the house tour will be refreshing for many.

While most of the video focused on highlighting individual members and their personalities, viewers got a full view of their mind-blowing new house. The facility also has a pool, lake, massage parlor, private movie-theater, and more. It certainly lives up to the price tag.

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