FaZe Clan was undone by exec screaming matches & overspending on celebs, per report

Declan Mclaughlin
FaZe Clan on verge of going public

FaZe Clan reportedly had a lot of internal tension, along with high-level incompetence, before its recent acquisition, according to a report.

Before the esports and gaming company’s acquisition by GamesSquare Inc., tensions were publically high. Original members of the FaZe Clan brand like FaZe Banks and FaZe Rain, trashed the company on social media and leaked internal expenses like esports team salaryies.

Behind the scenes, things were even worse, according to a report from Digiday. The report outlines how the animosity between talent and upper management went both ways and that executives at the company were content with raising their voices around lower-level employees.

Now under the GamesSquare brand, which also owns the esports organization Complexity Gaming, FaZe is reinstating Banks as CEO and is rumored to be downsizing some of its more expensive teams across its various titles.

Tensions were high behind the scenes at FaZe Clan

The report detailed how FaZe Clan salespeople would secure partnerships with brands and had to deal with talent, streamers, or other members, who would not fulfill the promised deliverables for the deal.

At one point, the report claims a manager submitted a doctored social media post to FaZe with the wrong date attached to make it look like the creator fulfilled a partnership’s deliverable on time.

FaZe also reportedly had issues with misspending money, spending millions on renting Los Angeles mansions, or just spending money due to unforced errors. The report additionally details how FaZe’s sponsorship deal with Totino’s cost the company millions, thanks to executives moving the date of a planned video shoot with rapper Lil Yachty up for no discernible reason.

FaZe Banks on FaZe lovesac
FaZe Banks is one of the founders of the organization and will return as CEO.

With millions of dollars moving out the door, and FaZe’s finances now available to the public thanks to its SPAC merger, it created somewhat of a hostile environment at times in the company’s offices. The report claims that executives would often yell at each other during meetings, even with lower-ranking staffers in the vicinity.

How GamerSquare plans to resuscitate the FaZe Clan brand is anyone’s guess, but at least for right now, it seems to be in competent hands for the first time in years.