FaZe Banks outlines new plans as CEO of FaZe Clan

Shay Robson
FaZe Banks instagram post

FaZe Clan’s Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengtson has revealed his plans for the organization as newly appointed CEO.

It’s fair to say it’s been a turbulent year for FaZe Clan, with internal disputes between founding members, mass layoffs coming into the public eye, and the continuous decline of the company’s stock price — potentially facing a delisting from the Nasdaq stock exchange — a lot has gone on under the hood in 2023 for the longstanding esports and gaming entertainment brand.

On October 20, FaZe Clan was put back in the hands of its founding members Temperrr, Banks, and Apex as GameSquare, the owner of Complexity Gaming and Code Red Esports, announced they had entered into a “definitive agreement” to acquire the organization.

Now with the ones that started it ready to be back at the helm of it all, with Banks taking charge as CEO, Temperrr being named as President, and Apex becoming COO, the future of FaZe looks to be promising.

Banks reveals plans for FaZe as new CEO

In a recent Adin Ross live stream, Banks opened up about his plans for the organization once he’s in control. “90 days and then this sh*t is f**king mine,” said the FaZe Clan star, before going on to reveal what his plans are once he holds the reigns.

According to Banks, the first thing he plans to do is “chop” and clear out FaZe Clan. “The first thing I’m doing is chopping everyone’s f**king heads off,” he said. “They’re all gone. See you later.”

He added: “Enough is enough. You guys are all going to see, you’re all going to see.”

The merger deal between the two companies is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2023, where FaZe will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary and independent division of GameSquare.