How to watch FaZe’s Warzone tournament ft Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS, more

Infinity Ward / FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan have organized a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament called ‘Fight 2 Fund,’ featuring some of the biggest names in the online gaming world, as well as several celebrities and pro athletes, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity of the winning team’s choice.

Warzone is Call of Duty’s latest run at the battle royale genre, and its recent launch has been met with incredible success. According to Activision, the game hit 15 million players over its first three days, which is an astounding feat, to say the least.

Looking to take advantage of all the hype, FaZe Clan have put together a massive charity event featuring the BR. This list of players includes many of their members, of course, but also other huge streamers, such as Dr Disrespect, and some pro athletes, like Ben Simmons and Juju Smith-Schuster.

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How to watch FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund Warzone tournament

The competition takes place on Monday, March 16 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET and is expected to last at least for a few hours. It’s being live-streamed on FaZe Clan’s official Twitch channel, which we’ve included below for your convenience.

Some of the participants will also be broadcasting their POVs on their own streams, which we’ve also provided.

Watch live video from DrDisrespect on

Watch live video from NICKMERCS on

Watch live video from NateHill on

Watch live video from mendokusaii on

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Who’s playing in FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund Warzone tournament?

There are 16 teams in total competing in today’s event, each composed of a team captain and two other players. As mentioned above, there are plenty of FaZe members participating, including Temperrrr, NICKMERCS, Apex, Nate Hill, Nikan, Sway, Pamaj, Rug, Dirty, and more.

The org’s also invited other huge names of the gaming community to compete, including Dr Disrespect, Nick Eh 30, Mendo, and TmarTn.

Rounding out the teams are numerous celebrities and pro athletes, both active and retired, including Chad’ Ochocinco’ Johnson, the iconic Cincinnati Bengals receiver who’s been very much into gaming and esports since retiring from the NFL.

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FaZe ClanThe full list of participants in FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund CoD: Warzone charity tournament.

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FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund Warzone tournament bracket

The 16 teams have been put in a single-elimination bracket that features four rounds until a winner gets decided. The starting bracket can be found below, and will be updated on the official tournament web-page live throughout the day.

FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund Warzone tournament format and rules

This tournament employs the classic “kill-race” format, meaning that the teams matched up against each other in the bracket have to load into matches and try to get more kills than their opponents.

At the end of each match, the squad in each matchup that gets more eliminations advances in the bracket, while the losing team gets knocked out.

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“Teams of 3 are competing against each other to accumulate the most kills over the course of 1 game. The team with the most kills at the end of 1 game will advance in the tournament. The loser will be knocked out. In the event of a tie in kills after 1 game, a second game will be played to determine a tie-breaker. This process will continue until a winner is determined.”

About Fight 2 Fund

Fight 2 FundThis tournament is a charity effort as part of Fight 2 Fund, helping those impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Fight 2 Fund is a charity that operates in partnership with CARE, Feeding America, and World Vision in the fight against the currently ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“Fight 2 Fund is a platform that will provide streaming content to engage the global community for positive action. With all that is going on in the world, we know that our space will stand to be the driving force of entertainment among the the various shutdowns across major industries (ie. sports, music, live events, etc). ”

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As mentioned above, 100% of “sponsored and stream-donated” proceeds will go to the charity of the winning team’s choice, including an initial $25,000 donation made by FaZe Clan.