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Property YouTuber and FaZe Adapt reveal new $10m FaZe California mansion

Published: 9/Mar/2020 16:47

by Connor Bennett


Popular FaZe member Adapt has given fans a sneak peek at the organization’s brand-new $10,000,000 Los Angeles house ahead of the full tour video – though a property YouTuber has revealed the full specs. 

As esports and organizations have grown, teams have regularly found themselves packed inside a house so that they can practice and make content together. In the case of FaZe, they’ve skewered towards the content side things more than others.

The popular organization, which boasts some of the biggest names in both esports and content creation, has had homes in New York and LA – with them sticking to the west coast for a little while longer after their most recent move into what is said to be a mansion worth around $10,000,000. 


Twitter: TeeqotThe FaZe houses have played a key part of their content.

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Fans who are eager to see the new home in full got a sneak peek thanks to Adapt, who dropped his first vlog from the new house – documenting who had moved in, what his room was looking like, and what plans he had in mind for videos.

Though he didn’t give a full tour of the new house, the YouTuber did show off a pretty swish and spacious back garden that had a huge collection of palm tree sat in the middle, an in-ground trampoline, as well as a pretty big pool, outside lounge area, and treehouse.


The new house is even big enough to have it’s own guest house, which the FaZe boys noted would be home to British FaZe member Jarvis. 

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Though, the YouTuber noted that fans would have to wait just a little while longer to get the complete house tour from him and his fellow FaZe members, some other content creators have already shown it off in its entirety.

Property YouTuber AHR claimed that the 10 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms mansion was worth around $10,000,000 and would cost FaZe around $80,000 per month following a $100,000 security deposit. Though, it seems worth the price tag as the home comes with close to 13,000 square feet of space and even backs on to a private lake that is shared by a community of other homes in the area.


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Of course, with their own reveal in the works, the FaZe boys will no doubt put their own signature spin on showing off their new location and hype up their plans for the house.

Though they’ve moved a few times, including across the United States, it seems like they can’t get much bigger or better than this one, so they might stick around for quite a while.