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FaZe Clan announces its own “cinematic universe” full-length movie series

Published: 9/Jun/2020 20:30

by Albert Petrosyan


Legendary esports organization FaZe Clan are in the process of producing a full-length film franchise called ‘FaZe Clan Universe,’ which they’re calling “an immersive cinematic universe” starring their own content creators and YouTubers, as first reported by Deadline.

Already one of the most influential pioneers in the world of esports and gaming entertainment, FaZe Clan have announced that their new feature-length movie franchise is in the works.

In partnership with Invisible Narratives, a digital content studio led by former Paramount president Adam Goodman and film producer Andrew Sugerman, the esports org will be releasing the first installment of the FaZe Clan Universe series later in 2020.


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It’s being described as a “cinematic universe,” a style popularized by the likes of Marvel and DC Comics; except, instead of superheroes, the films will feature many of the organization’s star members, including YouTubers, streamers, and professional gamers.

“Historically, Hollywood has taken an expedient approach to leveraging creators and their huge audiences,” CEO Lee Trink said. “Invisible Narratives’ immense respect and keen understanding of that relationship sets the new standard for filmmakers bringing their formats to this massive and rabid audience.”

DeadlineFaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives have partnered up to release the esports org’s first-ever full-length feature film.

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Specific details about FaZe Clan Universe, such as the individual movie titles or plots, are not yet available, although we do know that the org will be financing the whole thing themselves and will be garnering the services of Epic Records to produce a soundtrack.


The actual premiere of the first film, which will take place in Los Angeles sometime in September, is set to be an extraordinary drive-in event that will “combine car culture, gaming, music, and film.”

There will be a red carpet, as you’d expect, but not in a traditional sense. Instead of walking into the event, FaZe members and their celebrity guests will be in cars, as part of a giant motorcade – very unique approach to a movie premiere.

FaZe ClanFaZe Clan have the most star-studded roster in esports, including world-famous rapper Offset.

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This, of course, isn’t their first venture into content creation that goes beyond Twitch and YouTube. In April, they announced the launch of their new FaZe Studios, which will be producing original movies and TV series projects. It must be noted that the studio is completely separate from today’s FaZe Clan Universe announcement.


Prior to that, in February, they began working with Quibi to release a new reality show with the aim of using it to sign their next member – yet another unprecedented move for an esports organization.

And now, their fan-base, which is gargantuan, to say the least, will be waiting to see what FaZe have in store for the highly-anticipated premiere of their first-ever full-length feature film.