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FaZe Blaze explains why the Tesla Model 3 is the best car he’s owned

Published: 13/Apr/2020 11:27

by Jacob Hale


FaZe Clan’s Lucas ‘Blaze’ Mosing has revealed that he has replaced his 2001 Porsche with a brand new Tesla Model 3 – and explained the reason behind his decision.

Tesla has grown tremendously in recent years as one of the biggest electric car manufacturers in the world, and has become a staple for top celebrities – and YouTubers especially – looking to up their car game.

Despite his removal from the FaZe house, Blaze has tried not to let himself slow down too much and has uploaded a video revealing his new car and giving viewers a tour of it.

Instagram: blazifyy
Blaze is clearly ecstatic with his new purchase – and you can see why.

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After having an issue with his old 2001 Porsche and having to take it to the shop to be fixed, he says he realized it was probably about the right time to get a new car, and when he went looking he saw a “beautiful” Tesla that was actually available to be picked up the next day.


So, Blaze said, he ordered it on his phone and actually got it delivered the following day, with footage of him showing it to his friends and capturing their reactions, as well as giving a brief tour of the vehicle itself and some of the cool features.

Despite reeling off certain interesting and fun features about the vehicle, he finally revealed the exact reason he bought the Tesla Model 3. “The reason I got this car is because of how it drives,” he said. “It doesn’t even feel like a car. It feels like a toy… It goes 0-60 so fast. It’s so fast, and it’s so quiet and so smooth.”


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Finally, he adds that all of the above, alongside the autopilot feature, makes the Tesla Model 3 “the dopest car” that he’s ever had in his entire life and that he’s “so happy with it.”

While Blaze is delighted with his new drive, some people aren’t so impressed. Bill Gates is one of the biggest names that opted for a competitor over Tesla, and explained why he chose a Porsche Taycan instead – though, Elon Musk wasn’t too impressed.

While Gates might not be overly impressed with Tesla, Blaze is clearly delighted, and it’s definitely not a bad ride to be driving around Los Angeles in by any means.