Swagg becomes the latest Call of Duty YouTuber to join FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan / Swagg YouTube

FaZe Clan have added another prolific name to their Call of Duty content team with the signing of Youtuber ‘Swagg’ who’s set to join the world renown organization.

Swagg has grinded over the years on his craft while amassing 65,000 followers on Twitter, over 240,00 on Twitch, and 1.16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The content creator lives and breathes Call of Duty; helping the community with videos of impressive weapon loadout combinations for Modern Warfare along with insane fragging compilations on Warzone.

FaZe Clan YouTube
FaZe’s intro video was a charming throwback to a 2019 upload by Swagg hoping that “maybe one day” he’d join the org.

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Though he’s been within the circles of giant YouTubers, he was still beside himself seeing ‘FaZe’ followed by his name after the org’s announcement.

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“It’s so crazy, I was making videos with a bulls**t ass Turtle Beach mic watching all of those FaZe dudes tear [it] up,” Swagg said, reminiscing about the past admiring the members of the org he now represents.

But coming down an eight-year path to finally FaZeUp with the best of them won’t detract Swagg from his strengths as a content creator.

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“I’m not hitting no 360 zoom,” Swagg said. Back in its heyday, FaZe was a collective of Call of Duty players known for their insane sniping trickshots, something that the new member joked that he might have to learn now.

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Swagg’s content pedigree has already been up to FaZe’s standards before his signing. In his career, he’s put together over 2,100 YouTube videos spanning the various Call of Duty titles throughout the years.

He described joining the org as “overwhelming,” saying that he was playing with “idol” NICKMERCS a few days prior when he got the message from FaZe owner Yousef ‘Apex’ Abdelfattah about joining.

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During the April Fools Day festivities, FaZe put out a call for anyone to join the ranks for one of the gaming world’s biggest organizations. The tweet got over 70,000 replies filled with YouTubers, streamers, aspiring pro players, and more.

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But it was YouTuber Kris ‘Swagg’ who’s number was called up after giving FaZe an enticing offer that the org wasn’t prepared to let go.

FaZe have been making huge moves in 2020 in all facets of entertainment. From their elite Fortnite talent to their unbeatable content machine which is expanding to a Quibi reality show.

With the sheer volume of starpower in FaZe Clan, Swagg is looking to shine even brighter as the org’s newly minted content creator.