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Joe Rogan surprised by “unacceptable” issue found in Tesla Model S

Published: 19/Mar/2020 18:55

by Alan Bernal


The titular host of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) was confused after learning of a bizarre issue in the Tesla Model S spotted by ICON master craftsman Jonathan Ward.

Ward, a former-actor-turned-car-manufacturer, is known for his custom creations that marry old-fashioned vehicle builds with the power and tech of the modern age. As such, Ward was able to spot an “unacceptable” design flaw in the backseat of the premium Tesla that surprised Rogan.

When it comes to cars, Rogan is no slouch, but even he was astounded about the complaint since it’s something that you really need to pay attention to in order to realize it.


There’s an annoying problem with the Tesla Model S, according to Ward.

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In the backseat of a Tesla Model S P100D, as Ward explained, the three-point shoulder seat belt retractor lets out a “cold breeze” while also letting through road noises that were prominent enough to detract from the car-riding experience.

“Have you ever sat in the backseat?” Ward asked Rogan, probing to see if the host would have a context to the complaint. “The noise coming out of that third-point seat belt retractor is so unacceptable for modern car standards.”

Almost instantaneous to hearing the flaw, Rogan was baffled at the complaint. The podcast host admitted that he had actually never ridden in the backseat of his Model S, so it might have been a bit lost on him.


(Timestamp at 1:00 for mobile viewers)

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“This s**ts coming up through the plastic wheel well and a noise and a cold breeze is hitting your outward ear,” Ward explained. “Okay, how did this s**t happen? There’s a damn draft that comes up through there and you’re hearing road noise through it.”

While it might sound like a menial complaint, the context of the flaw and who noticed it is important to note.

Ward’s catalog of production models for his ICON brand start at around $160,000, and only ramps up from there. The builder takes high-quality parts and puts them together with time and precision, resulting in a product that’s made his family-owned business notable in the industry.


Sitting in the backseat, Ward was able to notice the flaw in the Tesla Model S.

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Tesla, the benchmark for a premium electric vehicle manufacturer, mass produces its top-of-the-line Model S at a base of around $74,000. So there were bound to be some discrepancies with the vehicle, especially under the lens for someone like Ward.

“For guys like us: yes, it’ll annoy the piss out of you,” Ward said.