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FaZe Banks explains why bitter feud with Jake Paul has ended

Published: 6/May/2019 17:04 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 12:56

by David Purcell


FaZe Clan’s Ricky Banks has opened up about his decision to put aside his differences with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, claiming that people might learn a lot from their handling of the situation. 

The two YouTube giants ended their long-term rivalry on a Hollywood sidewalk after a meeting at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which ran between April 12-21.


After having what Banks has described as “the right kind of conversation” at the event, it looks as if both parties are now delighted to have put their issues to rest – with the FaZe Clan member opening up about the situation on Twitter.

FaZe Banks, InstagramFaZe Banks returned to YouTube in February 2019, after a six month hiatus from the platform.600


“It’s just a weight of both of our shoulders (mine and Alissa’s) and it’s lame internet drama,” Banks tweeted on May 5. “We ran into him at Coachella and had the right kind of conversation. We all decided to let the past be the past and move forward. Like I said watch the video, you might learn something.”

The video Banks is referring to is one he posted to his official YouTube channel on May 5, as seen below, which showed both the pair both settling their issues over a game of rock, paper, scissors after appearing to square up for a brawl.

Jake Paul came out the winner, too, after winning two of the three games they played. That’s not all; they also shared the day together.


The bitter rivalry of FaZe Banks and Jake Paul 

The YouTubers had been involved in some fiery exchanges in the past, one of which resulted in Banks calling Paul “actually human garbage,” with many fans expecting a boxing match between the two – which seems to be a popular way of ending feuds among high profile YouTubers.

“As for the questions, comments, concerns about me squashing the beef with Jake. If my motivation was views, wouldn’t I just stir shit up with him again? I mean that’s proven to bring all the clout in the world in right?” Banks added in an additional tweet.

The feud between the two YouTubers included allegations of physical assault against Banks, who was accused of assaulting former Team 10 assistant Meg Zelly back in 2017. The assault claims were vehemently denied at the time and Banks’ girlfriend, Alissa Violet – who was previously in a relationship with Jake Paul – has since accused the latter of “mental abuse.”


It looks pretty unlikely that Ricky Banks and Jake Paul will meet in a boxing ring any time soon, as the feud looks to be over, but there’s always a chance that things could turn around again in the future.

If it does, we’ll be the first to let you know.


Shroud stunned after logging into his old childhood RuneScape account

Published: 13/Oct/2020 23:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch icon Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was shocked after logging into his childhood RuneScape account and discovering that the game was not at all as he remembered it.

The former CSGO pro was taken back upon finding a way to log into his account that he created at the young age of nine or 10, and just how little he had actually accomplished in-game.


After the Canadian pulled up his inventory for the old account, his eyes wandered from side-to-side and top to bottom before he let out a disgusted groan.

“That’s it?!” he cried, clearly unhappy with his younger self. “That’s all I’m worth? That’s all I managed to achieve at the age of 10?”


Looking at shroud’s inventory, there’s nothing noteworthy that stands out with most of the available slots not even taken up by items.

“That’s it?” he groaned again before eventually turning to the denial phase of his cycle.

Not before long, shroud wondered why he had so little in his inventory. “I don’t believe this is all I have,” he continued. “There is no way this is all I managed to accumulate when I played that long ago.”


Eventually, the stunned Grzesiek pulled up his quests to see if he had completed anything cool and much to his chagrin, he didn’t even finish Monkey Madness.

This all said, as it turned out, shroud didn’t really play that much on the account, having a mere 42 days listed in his profile info.

“I was quite literally 10 years old!” he cried after his viewers called him a ‘casual.’ “16 plus years ago is when this thing was made!” he added, noting that the account was older than some of his fans.


“I was nine or 1o years old,” he continued. “Give me a break, okay?!”

With all of his disappointment, it just goes to show that sometimes we remember games, such as RuneScape, more fondly than they actually deserve to be or think we accomplished way more than we did.


In any case, shroud still has way more games to play as his casual content pursuit continues.