“F-tier” Twitch streamer rages at ExtraEmily over streamer tier list

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ExtraEmily decided to rank the funniest streamers live on Twitch and one content creator was so furious with their “F-tier” spot in the rankings, he demanded a revote.

Streamer tier lists are not uncommon on Twitch, but there was a slight twist for this one from ExtraEmily.

The content creator went live with Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom and decided to rank the funniest streamers out there right now, using printed photographs that featured the likes of Pokimane to TimTheTatman.

However, it wasn’t just top streamers in the running, and not all of them liked where they placed.

Twitch streamer furious at ExtraEmily’s tier list

During a stream on February 8, OTK’s newest member ExtraEmily had already put Tim and Amouranth in the B tier.

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Equally, a few were pushed down into the D and F zone, humbling one streamer in particular: jakenbakeLIVE. Jake has over 600,000 followers on Twitch and regularly hosts IRL broadcasts, taking viewers with him as he travels.

After seeing he was F-tier for funny streamers, he said: “F? Are you serious? ExtraEmily doesn’t know anything. She’s been brainwashed by OTK. Her watch time in my channel is less than five minutes. I want a revote!”

Jake was not the only streamer to be placed in the bottom positions on Emily’s tier list, either.

Here is how the final list shaped up, below.

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Twitch, Nmplol
This was how ExtraEmily’s completed tier list shaped up, with a few late picks from Nmplol.

During the broadcast, Emily also said Pokimane is worthy of a top-end spot for being funny. “I like Poki. I see her clips on Twitter and stuff. She is like woke and cool.

“And I think in order to survive on Twitch for this long you have to be a little funny, right? That’s why I’m going to put her in B.”

After the raging response to placing in last, Jakenbake was taken off the list and replaced by Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek. It’s all fun and games, so make of that what you will.