ExtraEmily doesn’t hold back vs other candidates on xQc’s Love or Host episode

Extra Emily roasts contestants on Love or Host with xQcYouTube: extra emily

Twitch star ExtraEmily expertly roasted her rivals with an anime reference during xQc’s viral episode of Love or Host — and viewers couldn’t get enough.

‘Love or Host’ is a popular dating show on Twitch that’s hosted by streamer Austin Show. The livestreamed competition pits a slew of broadcasters against each other to win the heart of a contestant… but viewers determine the winner.

At the end, it’s revealed whether or not the winner chose to either go on a date with the contestant or host their Twitch channel on Austin’s profile, hence the name ‘Love or Host.’

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On March 5, prominent Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel appeared on the show alongside a slew of potential female companions following his split from ex-partner Adept — and things got a bit heated at one point.

ExtraEmily roasts Love or Host contestants with One Piece quip

During the show, a few of the participants hit out at each other for their choice of clothing (or lack thereof), with ‘lickitthong_’ asking, “Where is your coat? I’m pretty sure Miss Billie Jean and Mister Billy Bob would not appreciate you with your breasts out.”

It was then that Twitch star ExtraEmily got into the fray with a roast that sent viewers into stitches.

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“Honestly, x, there’s more filler here than in One Piece, so I’m definitely the most authentic girl, and I think I’m the one you should choose,” she said.

Her not-so-subtle shade immediately lit up the Twitch chat like a Christmas tree — but it looks like xQc wasn’t fazed by her statement.

“For the record, I don’t mind fake, okay?” he replied. “All t***ies matter.”

In the end, ExtraEmily ended up winning over all her peers, with xQc explaining that he appreciated her ability to banter on camera (perhaps as a direct result of that One Piece roast?).

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ExtraEmily wasn’t the only streamer to get some shine out of this Love or Host episode, either, with Zastela also going viral due to her uncanny similarities to xQc.