ExtraEmily elbow drops cake for xQc after finding out Love or Host was just “for content”

Twitch: ExtraEmily

Twitch star ExtraEmily destroyed a cake she made for xQc with an elbow drop after she found out that xQc’s appearance on ‘Love or Host’ was just “for content.

‘Love or Host’ is an online Twitch dating show hosted by Austin Show. The competition sees streamers going against each other to win the favor of a contestant, and the last standing person wins.

In the end, the winner chooses to either go on a date with the contestant or have their Twitch channel hosted on Austin’s profile, thus the name “Love or Host.”

On March 5, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel appeared on the show as a contestant, with ExtraEmily being the eventual winner who chose “Love” at the end. Since the show xQc came out and stated that it was just for content creation purposes and that he and Emily are not dating.

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This did not go over well with Emily who was outraged by the claim. “F**k you xQc, you used me for content but I made you this f**g cake so screw you, you little rat f**k,” said Emily before doing an elbow drop on the aforementioned cake.

While on the surface it looks like a genuine reaction, ExtraEmily spent a lot of time setting up the scenario live and even erupted into laughter right after the elbow drop, clearly stating that it was a joke.

ExtraEmily elbow drops a cake meant for xQc in rage

The clip made its way to the LivestreamFail Subreddit where it was met with some confusion regarding a lack of context, but one comment cleared it all up.

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“There’s a clip of X saying the show was just for content and they’re not actually dating. She made a joke response being offended that it wasn’t real. She rehearsed this clip for like an hour and laughs hysterically the second after this clip ends,” explained one user.

The rest of the comments section is a mix of praise for the execution of the elbow drop, jokes at the expense of xQc, and users worried about the waste of food.

ExtraEmily, xQc, and others who appeared on the show are still very much in the spotlight, and you can read all about the newest relating to them in our Twitch category.

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