Twitch streamer Zastela claims Adept banned her in chat after xQc’s love or host

Streamer Zastela has claimed she’s been banned from Adept’s Twitch chat after appearing on xQc’s love or host.

After calling off their relationship last year, it’s fair to say xQc’s and Adept’s breakup has been rocky thus far. Following the breakup, fans suspected the two were actually getting back together as Adept appeared on xQc’s stream. However, ‘The Juicer’ quickly shut down the speculations.

His then ex-girlfriend Adept even turned up at his house and claimed he is “violating a court law,” leaving fans absolutely puzzled. As it turns out, the Twitch star allegedly married Adept in August 2020, until she then filed for divorce in November 2022.

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While xQc debunked claims he and Adept were ever married, leaked divorce papers prove otherwise — which even prevent the Twitch streamer from discussing the breakup on stream, as well as prohibit him from gambling.

Fans are now even more stumped though, as Twitch streamer Zastela has claimed she’s been banned from Adept’s chat coincidentally after appearing on xQc’s love or host.

Adept bans Zastela after xQc’s love or host

Zastela was one of 11 girls chosen to take part in AustinShow’s love or host for xQc on March 5. While she didn’t make it all the way to the end as she was eliminated by the Twitch star it was revealed that she chose love for the French Canadian.

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After making an appearance on the broadcast, Zastela was then banned from Adept’s chat, leaving her baffled as a long-time fan of hers.

“HDMI banned you,” a viewer wrote in Zastela’s chat. She responded: “I know, she banned me I’m sad. I was a long-time viewer of hers so I don’t know what I did, besides get rejected by xQc.”

“I guess she just didn’t like me,” the streamer added.

According to public records filed in Williamson County, Texas, xQc and Adept’s divorce trial is set for May 19, 2023.