Zastela hits out at Adept for banning her after xQc Love or Host episode

Zastela hits out at Adept after being blocked for love or host appearance xqcTwitch: Zastela

Twitch streamer Zastela was left confused after getting banned by xQc’s ex-girlfriend, Adept, after appearing on an episode of ‘Love or Host’ with him over the weekend.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. In fact, he currently ranks as the site’s 5th most-followed broadcaster, on top of being one of its most-subscribed personalities overall.

Recently, Lengyel appeared on an episode of AustinShow’s Twitch dating show, ‘Love or Host.’ This appearance was notable, as it follows his highly-publicized split from former partner Adept.

The ex-couple had a few big arguments following their breakup last year, with a court order reportedly preventing xQc from speaking out about their split on stream and even gambling.

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Zastela calls out “weird” Adept for banning her after Love or Host with xQc

After xQc’s appearance on ‘Love or Host,’ it seems that Adept was quick to take action against one of the women vying for the win on the show, where the object was to secure either a date with xQc or get a host on AustinShow’s channel.

Zastela was a contestant on the show, whose appearance sparked some publicity for her channel due to her similar way of speaking to xQc. According to Zastela, Adept had actually banned her from her chat after the show was over.

“I’m sad,” Zastela initially said of the incident. “I was a long-time viewer of hers so I don’t know what I did, besides get rejected by xQc.”

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However, it looks like her views may have somewhat changed a day later. Zastela spoke out about the situation again after watching a clip of her statement during a live stream, where she expressed further confusion over her ban.

“It is so weird,” she began. “Can I just say, like — I’m not milking it, but isn’t it weird that you go into a person that was on a show and didn’t even f*cking win, and you go and ban them? What are you doing? What the f*ck are you doing?”

“I didn’t do anything to you!” she continued. “If I did anything, I gave you money, because I subscribed to you before, for months. What do you mean? Like that’s so weird! I have nothing against her. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t even say anything about the situation with X and sh*t.”

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Thus far, xQc hasn’t commented on the situation — but he may never speak on it publicly, due to Adept’s court order about discussing their split in public.