Twitch streamer Zastela dubbed “female xQc” after her appearance on Love or Host

Zastela as seen on her Twitch streamTwitch: Zastela

Twitch streamer Zastela exploded into popularity after her appearance on Love or Host with xQc. New fans dubbed her the “female xQc” due to the incredible similarities between them.

Love or Host is an online show streamed on Twitch and organized by AustinShow. Contestants ask questions to eliminate participants one by one.

The last participant standing is a winner, and either gets to go on a date with the contestant if they choose “love” or to get hosted on Twitch by AustinShow if they choose “host.”

Zastela was a participant in the episode featuring xQc on March 5, and even if she did not make it into the finale, she still captured the audience, especially xQc’s fans who have shown their support by visiting her stream.

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The streamer gained almost 10,000 followers after her appearance on Love or Host according to Twitch Tracker and the first stream after the show also garnered 3,900 peak viewers which is her record to this point.

Zastela dubbed “female xQc” by fans

New viewers coming to her stream from Love or Host quickly picked up that Zastela has a similar way of speaking to xQc, which quickly earned her the nickname “female xQc” or “ZQC.”

This mostly stems from one clip where Zastela cannot get over her stutter and gets frustrated by it.

Most fans, either jokingly or seriously, say that the speech pattern is eerily similar to that of xQc.

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“Literally the same person this is getting more and more weird,” commented one user under the LSF Reddit post containing the clip. Another fan agrees, stating: “actual xQc variant.”

Others point out that this might simply be an intentional parody of the way xQc acts.

“Gotta be some sorta parody, she did the f**n finger scratching thing,” reads another comment.

Whether it’s an act, a mannerism Zastela picked up by watching too much xQc or her natural way of speaking doesn’t seem to matter for most of her new viewers, as they find it entertaining one way or another.

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