Elira Pendora’s 3D debut will open up doors for NIJISANJI EN, VTuber claims

Andrew Amos
NIJISANJI VTuber Elira Pendora singing

Elira Pendora, and the rest of NIJISANJI EN’s first wave in Lazulight, are finally getting their 3D debuts following plenty of delays. The new models will open up more opportunities than ever before, Elira told fans ahead of her January 13 debut.

NIJISANJI EN were expected to get their 3D outfits in a mega debut at NIJIfes 2022 late last year. However those plans were sadly canceled due to bad weather and visa issues keeping Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu out.

While Elira got up on stage alongside Hana Macchia, it wasn’t really the proper debut Lazulight wanted. So they’re running it back again to start 2023, with Elira Pendora starting the 3D outfit debut run on January 13.

The star VTuber stated she was “really nervous” on her January 9 return stream, but spoke openly about how getting a 3D form will open up more doors for the agency’s talents.

“The thing that’s good about a 3D stream is that it opens up opportunity for more things to happen in 3D later down the line,” she said. “It gives a lot of leeway for other things to be able to start happening.

“The debut is just the beginning, the first 3D stream is just the beginning. After you do your debut or reveal, that’s when you can start actually doing things. The 3D reveal is just the tip of the iceberg, which is really exciting.”

She started listing off all the grand plans NIJISANJI and Lazulight have for the future. Pre-recorded videos in 3D, or perhaps concerts and live concerts like Hololive’s biggest talents have been hosting, are not far out of the equation.

There will still be some challenges, but Elira is confident they will be able to deliver on some “high-quality content” fans of the English branch have been waiting nearly two years for.

“It opens up more possibilities like doing 3D collabs or pre-recorded videos in 3D, or doing concerts or lives. It opens up a lot more possibilities, and I’m really excited for that. 

“Hopefully this year we can do more with 3D ⁠— that’s my hope. Now the three of us will have our 3D debuts finally. 

“It’ll probably take a long time ⁠— maybe not a long time, but because it’s difficult… We can’t just go to the studio whenever we want because we live so far [away]. It sounds so bad to say that hopefully we can take more time off and do things like that and we can deliver more high-quality content… but I hope we can do more things this year.”

Elira Pendora’s 3D debut is penned for January 13, 2023 at 5PM PT / 8PM ET. Finana Ryugu’s will be on January 20 at the same time and Pomu Rainpuff a week later on January 27, also at 5PM PT / 8PM ET.

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