Eddie Hall unveils his new secret weapon for fight vs The Mountain

Andy Williams

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Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has unveiled his secret weapon in his quest to defeat Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson in their highly anticipated boxing match in Las Vegas.

Between them, both Eddie and Hafthor have won about all there is to win in the realm of strength sports. The drama surrounding the Icelandic’s recent 501 kg deadlift has sparked a feud between the two giants, which will be settled in the ring come September 2021.

And with both athletes gearing up for what’s being dubbed ‘the heaviest boxing match ever,’ there will undoubtedly be a lot of physical preparation as they remold their body to a completely different sport.

But while Hafthor continues in his preparation for Iceland’s Strongest Man, Eddie has been hitting the boxing pads hard — and it appears that he’s also approaching his recovery with the same intensity.

Eddie Hall deadlifting 500 kg for his world record in 2016.
A new venture: Eddie will be swapping the bar for gloves, as he prepares for his fight with The Mountain.

Captain America? No, Eddie Hall

Hall is no stranger to intense training regimes, with the former World’s Strongest Man being vocal about his lengthy training sessions leading up to competition.

Eddie has previously stated that it was his recovery from his hard-hitting training sessions that gave him the edge, with his mantra being ‘train hard, recover harder.’

So as the 32-year-old approaches his bout with Thor, he’s taken his recovery to new heights, by buying his own cryotherapy chamber — which will allow him to stand in a chilly -140° centigrade.

While it’s not quite the Vita-Ray Chamber from Captain America, it does come with a host of benefits, including the reduction of inflammation caused from the intense sessions, as well as increasing his metabolism.

Combine this with the fact that Eddie has his own infinity spa pool, alongside a hot and cold tub being on-site, and his brand new mansion is essentially a recovery haven which will essentially allow him to train harder for longer.

There’s no doubt that both Hall and Bjornsson will be training harder than they ever have before, as both fighters gear up to win the high-profile bout.