Strongman Eddie Hall unveils epic one-acre mansion with YouTube tour

Andy Williams
Eddie Hall standing outside his house.

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Former World’s Strongest Man turned YouTuber, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall, has given us a tour of his impressive mansion, and it’s literally an all-in-one leisure facility.

Eddie Hall is a name synonymous with strength sports. If there’s an impressive feat of strength to be displayed, The Beast has probably done it.

While he’s most likely best known for being the first man to pull 500 kg from the floor on a conventional barbell, the 32-year-old strongman has a list of accolades that stack higher than the 6’2” giant.

Having left the realm of competitive strength sports, Eddie is now focused on growing his brand, and the main driver behind that is his YouTube channel. And by the looks of his brand new mansion, the decision is certainly paying off.

Eddie Hall deadlifting 500 kg for his world record in 2016.
Eddie Hall retired from the world of strongman after achieving his goal, and pursued other ventures including YouTube.

Eddie Hall’s mansion tour

The property itself is set on just under an acre of land, which is completely surrounded by six-foot high fences to add an additional layer of privacy.

The huge driveway leads you into the main attraction, which is the three-story (soon to be four) house. While the interior decor is dated back to when the house was first built in the 1980’s, Hall explains that the carpet draped across the stairs alone is worth a staggering $25,000 (£20,000).

After a whistle-stop tour through the middle floor, Eddie takes us through to the enormous garden, where his game-changing spa is situated.

While the spa is simply bare bones with ‘just’ a purpose-built swim spa alongside both a hot and cold tub, Eddie detailed his plans to build around the foundations and integrate a sauna and steam room into the final product.

After a quick tour around the remainder of the garden, Eddie quickly gave us a sneak peek inside the guest house at the side of the property. Of course, this is impressive, but what’s perhaps more mind-blowing, is what’s on the Ground Floor.

Underneath the Eddie’s not-so-humble abode is a fully functional gym, which has been kitted out to the high heavens. With Hall gearing up to take on Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson in the world’s heaviest boxing match next year, he also plans to add a full boxing ring into the gym — turning his house of residence into a full training camp.