Dylan Mulvaney leaves America for Peru as she no longer “feels safe”

Alice Sjöberg
Dylan Mulvaney in Peru

Influencer Dylan Mulvaney has opened up about feeling unsafe in the US as she takes a solo trip to Peru to “feel like herself” again.

The 26-year-old trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney became the center of a controversial culture war after collaborating with two high-profile brands.

Dylan, who has 10.7 million followers on TikTok, promoted Bud Light beer back in April and later modeled Nike products, such as a sports bra, which received a lot of backlash.

Not only was Dylan sent hate and death threats, several stockists of the beer reported people destroying the drinks in stores while boycotting the company. Dylan has since opened up to say she doesn’t feel safe in her home anymore and called out Bud Light for not supporting her through the hate.

Dylan Mulvaney travels to Peru to “feel safe” again

On July 11, Dylan posted a TikTok from Machu Picchu in Peru, where she told viewers she was now feeling safer than when she was in her home in California.

She said: “I’m here by myself and I used to do a ton of solo traveling and I’m telling you it’s the best. If you could ever do a solo trip somewhere it is such a good way to get to know yourself better.

“But I came here to feel something, you know what I mean, and I definitely have, I’ve done shaman ceremonies that were like 10 years’ worth of therapy. It was wild. I’ve seen a lot of llamas and the people here are so kind.”

Speaking about her reasons for traveling to Peru, she explained: “I feel very safe here. It’s a little sad that I had to leave my country to feel safe, but that will get better eventually.”

“Most of all, this trip just has me feeling like I’m my own best friend again and that is the best feeling in the world and I hope that you feel that way about yourself too.”

Dylan received an outpouring of support in the comments, with one fan writing: “Omg Dylan I am from Peru and I am so happy that you come to my country and like it and don’t worry people are really nice and the food is delicious.”

Another person wrote: “Sooo happy to know you feel safe here!!!!” while a third added: “You deserve all the happiness! And safety.”