IRL Twitch streamer mindblown as stranger tries to fight him


Twitch’s IRL streams continue to be one of the most popular categories on Twitch, but sometimes streamers have to deal with some rather difficult scenarios. 

Streaming on Twitch in public places can be incredibly risky, especially when you never know how certain people will react. Unlike regular streams, IRL content creators can’t control or limit their interactions with the outside world. This can often lead to some rather awkward and even frightening encounters

IRL streaming is certainly not for the faint of heart and a number of popular Twitch streamers have often voiced their fears over this aspect of streaming. While encounters rarely escalate in violence, there are scenarios where things can quickly get out of hand. Fortunately, one IRL streamer knows exactly how to navigate these tricky situations. 

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Random guy tries to fight IRL streamer

CookSux TwitchCookSux
CookSux was left stunned by the encounter.

IRL Twitch streamer CookSux is certainly no stranger to the difficulties of filming in public places. It’s because of this experience that the content creator has managed to pick up a few tips that have helped him deal with difficult scenarios. 

During a recent stream around Hawaii, CookSux was approached by a random passerby who seemed extremely agitated. When the streamer asked what the problem was, the man replied that he’d “smack the sh*t out him” if he appeared on camera. 

Instead of lowering the camera or ending the stream, CookSux kept the camera feed rolling to dissuade any physical altercations occurring. Fortunately, the man left the scene and both parties avoided what could have been a violent outcome. 

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In a comment on Reddit, CookSux explained how he handles these situations. “I’m not a fan of people coming into my space and then telling me that I shouldn’t film them,” said CookSux. 

“If you don’t want to be filmed, get out the way. Besides that, I’ve learned that having the camera on the aggressor is always the first line of defense. Should something happen, at least it’s on camera and not off, which could be even more disadvantageous.”

Another example of unpleasant encounters can be seen when a group of teenage boys harassed Twitch streamer Jinny in Milan, or when a stranger approached Andrea Botez repeatedly during her stream. IRL content creators certainly have a tough time, which makes CookSux’s advice even more valuable.

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