Drunk Kick streamer collapses in bar hours before climbing Mount Everest

Theo Burman
Drunk Kick streamer climbs everest

A Kick streamer preparing to climb Mount Everest got off to a great start by collapsing in a bar after one too many drinks.

Kick Streamer imjoel3004 was in Nepal preparing to climb the highest mountain in the world when he stopped by a bar before the climb.

A big outing like that is enough to make anyone nervous, so going into a bar to relax is understandable. However, this streamer might have gotten a little too relaxed, to the point where he lost his sense of balance.

Kick streamer drinks too much before trying to climb Mount Everest

In the clip, imjoel3004 can be seen chilling out at a bar in Nepal, with several pint glasses on the table he’s sitting at.

As he laughs, he loses his balance, falling over backwards and disappearing out of shot.

The streamer tried to stabilize himself, but quickly collapsed.

However, the streamer confirmed that he was ok, and came back the next day for more preparations in Nepal for the climb.

It’s not the first time Kick’s been home to strange moments, and it’s not even the weirdest thing to be streamed in Nepal this week. Streamers Suspendas and Slightly Homeless were temporarily arrested there after police thought they were speaking to underage girls and asking them to get married.

Both streamers were later released, though for a while it looked like they could have been given decades-long jail sentences.

On a phone call with fellow streamer Ice Poseidon, Suspendas confirmed that he and the other content creators had all been freed, and that “the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, I guess.”

“Some f*cking bullsh*t happened, but I’m not guilty of anything.”

For more news and updates on Kick streamers, check out this viral showdown between a streamer and strangers in Japan.

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